Schaeff Lift Truck is a manufacturing company that has been setting the standard for quality for over forty years. We produce the largest and most versatile line of electric, stand-up, counter-balance forklifts which the material handling industry has come to rely upon.

We strive to provide our lift truck users with the safest, most efficient, and ergonomic machines possible.

In 1995, Schaeff introduced the Warehousing Series electric, stand-up, counterbalance lift truck. So versatile, the design has lift capacities ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 pounds, forward and side stances, rear and side entries, a simplex, duplex, triplex, and quad mast reaching heights of more than 292", and 81" to 95" overhead guards that all result in thirty six frame and seventy two mast configurations.

Two years later, Schaeff launched the W90T Turret electric, stand-up, counterbalanced forklift. The innovate addition to the Warehousing Series can pivot loads 180 degrees for side-to-side narrow aisle access without turning the chassis. The W90T is the perfect solution for those high-density storage applications where space is a major concern, as this lift has the ability to transform any warehouse into an efficient, high-density storage facility.

The Echo 3000TM was introduced in 1999 as the electric, stand-up, counterbalanced forklift for customers who want a more basic model without all the extras. It is designed to work in a ten foot aisle, and lift 3,000 lbs. up to 189". Like the Warehousing Series, this lift has the ability to maneuver over bumps and potholes with its dual drive motors. Plus, the Echo 3000TM was engineered with built-in diagnostics to reduce trouble shooting time.

Every lift designed by Schaeff was created with our customers in mind. The following are features we've added to our Warehousing Series trucks in order to ensure an all-around, more enjoyable and safe lift experience.

The Warehousing Series lift has a Multi Function Handle that has revolutionized the forklift industry. By manipulating the handle, which controls every operation except steering, the lift truck's operator can lower and lift objects, and drive backward, forward, or side shift left or right. Drivers can also operate the control handle without looking at it, which results in better task concentration. Schaeff's ergonomic multi-function control handle fits the contours of the hand, relieves wrist strain and with the handle's large control buttons, it can even be operated while wearing gloves.

Comfort wasn't overlooked when designing Schaeff lifts. The operator compartment is twenty two percent more spacious than its predecessor which held the title of being the largest in the industry. The compartment is also fully complimented on three plus sides with molded, contoured rubber padding to provide the operator with optimum comfort and support.

Limitless Controls offer smoother operation, more efficient and precise control over travel speed, easy lifting and maneuverability, and continuous dual drive (two wheels under control at all times), enabling operators to move freely, without worry in tight spaces and over varying floor conditions.

Closed-Loop Controls offer electronic position hold (posi-hold) which secures the forklift when on a ramp with un-applied brake.

Performance is digitally programmable. Features such as side shift, tilt speeds, travel, lift/lower, accelerate/decelerate, shock impact threshold detection make lift operations easy to complete. Schaeff lifts can even climb ramps at a 15 degree incline.

Built-in Runtime Diagnostics were added to keep the forklifts running smoothly and to significantly reduce downtime.

Schaeff Lift Truck  has a reputation for unmatched safety standards; standards that have always met OSHA's requirements. Ergonomic and safety features such as the following can reduce workman's compensation and operator fatigue, resulting in a happier, more efficient, and productive work environment.

  • The high visibility overhead guard has been designed to protect the operator from falling objects and to provide the operator with a clear view of the elevated mast.

  • A wide-set mast with dual internal reeving offers even greater visibility while giving its operator a clear forward view for optimum safety.

  • Diagnostic warnings alert the operator of errors.

  • The ramp-hold keeps the forklift in place on an inclined ramp with an unapplied brake. This allows the operator to hop in and out of the forklift without worrying about rollback when stopped or during restart.

  • Electronic steering makes maneuvering the lift effortless.

  • A low, 7" step height makes it easy to enter and exit the lift.

  • With the 1.5" thick, low-impact, shock absorbing floor pads, a smoother, more comfortable ride is guaranteed.

  • The Padded Wrap-Around operator's compartment has also been designed to contour and support.

At Schaeff we are continuously developing leading edge technology to be used in the engineering of new products and manufacturing operations. We have become a leading competitor in the marketplace as a supplier of materials handling equipment and will strive to maintain that position through continued enhancements to our product line, our quality, and our productivity.

Concluding, operators find Schaeff forklifts easy, enjoyable, and safe to handle, while technicians find them easy to service.


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