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Electric Stand-Up Counterbalance Forklift

Lift: up to 17'
Capacity: up to 3500 lb
Masts: Triplex
Volt: 36 Volts
Min. Aisle Width: 101"
Turning Radius: 54.6"
Main Advantage: One Truck Goes Dock to Stock


Software Safety Features

Back-Up Alarm
Power-On Self-Test
Digital Load Weight Readout with Overload Protection
Password Protected Access to Programming and Diagnostics
Programmable Electronic Key (operator password)
Reverse/Lift Interlock
Brake/Lift Interlock
Automatic Power Shutdown when Truck not in use
Travel, Tilt, Side-Shift, & Auxiliary Speed Reduction Above Free-Lift
Impact Sensing

Hardware Safety Features

Direct Acting Hydraulic Brake
Low Force Mechanical Emergency Disconnect
1" High Floor Edge Lip
Tapered Right Sidewall
Rear Guard & Rear 4th Post
Operator Compartment Door
Right Foot Detect
Overhead Guard Wire Mesh
Strobe Lights
Fire Extinguishers



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