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Operator environment

SCHAEFF designers engineered SE Series trucks for maximum productivity, with a cab environment configured around the fatigue-reducing needs of operators.
Low profile provides superior view of forward floor activity
Non-polluting, quiet
Hydrostatic power steering
Responsive master-cylinder brakes
Contoured, adjustable seat provides 6 inches of forward/backward movement
Steering wheel, directional control, key switch and operator display mounted to adjustable, tilting steering column
Large, palm-sized controls
Separate lift, lower, tilt and auxiliary controls at natural right-hand position on seat deck
Convenient left-hand fingertip operation of directional control
Visual/digital display of battery status, plus extensive range of operating/diagnostic codes

Overhead guard with longitudinal bars for superior load visibility, painted flat black to reduce glare
Seat belts and battery restraint system designed to protect operator in unlikely event of overturn

Electrical controls

SE Series™ trucks are equipped with a GE solid state SEM 740A separately excited microprocessor - based SCR drive motor control with on-board diagnostics.
High torque control available in SCR range SEM provides Regen Braking for longer battery life
SCR protected by thermal limit, current-limit and pulse monitoring trip circuit
SEM utilizes fewer wires, requires less maintenance, causes less brush wear
Programming and diagnostic capabilities of hand-held tool provide efficient troubleshooting, accurate control settings
Motor generates low heat, less noise
Reverse-polarity protects against control unit damage
Infinitely variable speeds for both forward and reverse travel


13.25” GE traction motor for optimum performance
Compound wound steer pump motor provides long life, requires low maintenance
All motors protected by class H insulation, the highest level of thermal protection available
To extend motor life, the drive motor, hydraulic lift and steer pump are ventilated and cooled by radial
fans that provide equal air flow in both forward and reverse travel

Planetary drive axle

Compact design incorporates “plug-in” drive motor with heavy mounting flange, armature shaft mated directly to axle assembly.
Axle-end gear reduction delivers maximum torque at drive wheels, reducing axle forces and drivetrain wear
Integral “J” mast mounts provide superior durability and strength

Hydraulic system

Two lift pumps are standard, for superior lift and lower speeds.
Interchangeable flow control cartridges provides
precision delivery of hydraulic fluids
Quiet operation
Heat-preventive plumbing
Continuous fluid filtration steering system
O-ring face seal fittings reduce leaks and are easily serviced
High filtering efficiency achieved with 10 Micron return line filter
10-Micron filter/breather oil fill cap protects against airborne contamination
Cadmium-plated tubing reduces corrosion
Steering system

Steering system

Heavy-duty steer axle features heavy alloy steel plate sections around a single, double-acting cylinder.
Full turn of wheels provides maneuverability in tight areas while maintaining directional tracking of tire, with no skidding or premature tire wear


Easy to use, extra-wide foot-actuated pedal activates hydraulically applied drum brakes (SE70/SE80) and self adjusting disk brakes on (SE100/SE120).
Pre-reduction design (braking action on pinion shaft prior to final gear reduction) provides smooth and responsive braking; requires less effort at pedal
For increased service life, brakes enclosed in drive axle housing for maximum protection against dirt, moisture and other contaminants


Hydrostatic power steering for ease of use.
Heavy-duty rubber mount steer axle provides superior ride and handling

Mast design

Friction-reducing all-roller mast construction lowers energy consumption.
Standard 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-stage masts feature nested-rail construction, with cylinders located behind rails for superior operator visibility
For maximum seal life, tilt-cylinder mounts are self-aligning to minimize side-loading on cylinder rods
Load-lowering and flow-limiting control valves regulate carriage lowering speed, even in event of line failure
Upset-forged hook-type forks with fork retainers, lateral thrust rollers on fork carriage
Full I-section inner and immediate rails provide maximum section strength
Large I.D. internal hosing for high-flow hydraulic demands of auxiliary functions


The Schaeff SE Series™ truck is engineered with your mechanic in mind: all components are well placed for easy access and quick maintenance:
Hydraulic pump, hoses and tubes and wiring harnesses are accessible and easy to inspect



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