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W 90 Turret

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W90t Brochure
W90t Specifications
Parts and Service Manual for Turret Head Attachment


Electric Stand-Up Counterbalance Turret

Lift: up to 21'
Capacity: up to 2500 lb

Masts: Triplex, Quad

Volt: 36 Volts

Min. Aisle Width: 56" guided; 6' non-guided

Intersecting Aisle: 10'

Advantage: Pivots 180 deg side to side aisle access  

Pivots load 180° for side-to-side aisle access in a 6 ft. aisle
2,500 lb. Capacities
Forward or Side Operator Stance
Rear Entry Chassis
Multi-Function &/or Multi-Lever Controls
Single Axis or Dual Axis Multi-Function
Control Handle
Tiller or Steering Wheel
Triplex and Quad Masts
Automotive or Reverse Steering
81" to 87" Overhead Guard Height
U.L. "E" or "EE" Rating
OHG Mounted or Mast Mounted Work Lights
Standard, Cooler, or Freezer Conditioning
Schaeff or Alternate Travel/Lift Control Direction



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